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The UK is currently in the midst of the largest prison expansion in more than a century. In Friends on the Outside  we hear from Jamie, an incarcerated man with a love for foraging and caring for birds, exploring how the non-human world can take care of us and offer moments of connection in the spaces of the state's neglect.

Why do we naturalise prison as the only response to harm?

With nine out of ten of the incarcerated population in the UK facing a mental health or substance misuse struggle, resources should be allocated to the root causes of harm, instead of to the expansion of a system that intentionally isolates and perpetuates cycles of violence.​

There is an inspirational wildness to weeds; they resist confinement and offer freely available medicine to those who seek them out. To many, they are friends and allies in our resistance to forces acting against our wellbeing.

A Bridging the Gap Production

Supported by Screen Scotland and the Scottish Documentary Institute

Directed, filmed and edited by Annabel Moodie​

Produced by Lea Luiz de Oliveira

Edit consulted by Lindsay Watson

Exec Produced by Sinead Kirwan

Composition and Sound Design by Callum Rankine

 Documentary Short Grand Jury Prize                           Slamdance '24

Scottish Short Film Award             Glasgow Short Film Festival '24

Edinburgh International Film Festival  '23

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival '23

Inverness Film Festival '23

True/Fasle '24

Regard '24




2023 / documentary short  / 9m35s / 16mm, cyanotype

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